Freezer / Refrigerator Misnomer

New Blogs will be added monthly (or sooner). Please see us on Facebook for popular topics, FREE technical support, and any specials or deals we have currently. Lately I have received complaint calls from customers regarding information they have found on the data tag on any given piece of refrigeration

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Freezer coil

Troubleshooting Iced Evaporator Coil

How to check for an iced coil? Sometimes an iced coil is obvious as in the pictures below – in these pictures, the ice has built up past the coil, spread past the evaporator fans and into the interior of the cabinet. Often times after ice build up the first

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Just wanted to say thanks for coming out to Ann Arbor to take care of the problem with our freezer. I took your invoice to the other company who had misdiagnosed it, and they gave a full refund of the charge for that day. (I’m still out their other fees for the Kelvinator that we traded in to you, but oh well.) In the future we will call a refrigeration tech in our area as you suggested, not heating/cooling. Thanks for the help and if you need any testimonials for your website we can provide one 🙂
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