Freezer / Refrigerator Misnomer

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Lately I have received complaint calls from customers regarding information they have found on the data tag on any given piece of refrigeration equipment. The tag reads:


Many people have falsely concluded that this “stated” information means the end user is able to chose how this individual piece of equipment is utilized. The misnomer is that by setting the temperature control dial either colder or warmer will allow the use to utilize the equipment as either or – i.e., a freezer or a cooler.

The truth is, a refrigerator can never be specifically used and a freezer or vice-verse.

Refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators and freezers use different refrigerant and different oils in the compressors. These are not interchangeable.

Also, freezers have a defrost heater necessary to clear the internal part called the evaporator coil. A cooler therefore in most cases, does not have the necessary defrost heater. If a cooler is set to run at a temperature that allows the cabinet to freezer, the coil will certainly ice up and basically block off all flow of air through the evaporator coil.

Furthermore, a cooler being used as a freezer will make the compressor work harder than engineered or decision which will cook the oil and overheat the compressor.