Pre-Owned Equipment Warranty

Warranties for Display Coolers and Freezers

Weidenfeller Refrigeration is so confident in our workmanship on display coolers and freezers, we’ll offer a full 90-day warranty on all equipment purchased within our service area. Our technicians work hard to refurbish each unit and strive to provide the highest quality of pre-owned equipment.

If you have any problems with your equipment, we’ll work hard to fix the issue quickly, as long as it’s within the warranty. You can provide proof of install and fill out our Warranty Service Request Form.

Scope of Warranty:

  • Warranty covers defects of parts and function of the equipment.
  • Adjustments according to use, and misuse, are not covered under warranty.
  • The warranty begins the day the item is delivered.
  • Reconditioned equipment has a 90-day parts-and-labor warranty unless specifically mentioned otherwise.
  • Improperly wired outlets providing electrical to units will not be covered under any warranty.

Proof of Install:

  • In case of a warranty claim, the purchaser must provide proof of Professional and Certified Installation of the equipment. Documentation from an authorized service agency proving that your machine was installed professionally is required. This could include a service bill with technician notes and the unit’s serial number.
  • If the equipment you purchased requires specific electrical wiring (such as single-phase, 230 volt or 3-phase electric connections), we require it if you to have it professionally installed by an authorized service technician before Weidenfeller Refrigeration can honor your warranty. If your equipment meets any of these conditions and you do not have it professionally installed prior to using it, your warranty will be void.
  • If your equipment requires warranty service and professional installation, you must provide Weidenfeller Refrigeration proof of professional installation prior to the warranty service being performed.
  • All warranties serviced by other professionals will need to be approved prior to any work being done. Any work done without authorization or approval of Weidenfeller Refrigeration will not be covered or reimbursed.
  • Weidenfeller Refrigeration will repair or replace (with equivalent) size, style, and usage of any unit needing warranty work.
  • If your equipment does not meet the conditions above, you do not need it professionally installed to get warranty service.

Warranty Service Request Form:

We require a Warranty Service Request Form to be filled out by you with your credit card information. This form authorizes Weidenfeller Refrigeration to charge your card in the event we have to provide a service that is not covered under the warranty.

A Weidenfeller Refrigeration Customer Service Representative is the only one authorized to schedule a warranty service. If you opt to schedule your own service, Weidenfeller Refrigeration will not be responsible for the repairs or costs associated.

To expedite Warranty Service, have your Proof of Installation and your completed Warranty Service Request Form ready to be returned to Weidenfeller Refrigeration via email or certified postal mail services. Email!

Thank you for your great service. We struggled with our freezer not working correctly until you came and figured out we had a couple of issues that needed corrected with the unit. The unit is working fine now. Thank you.
Emil JensenFirst United Methodist ChurchGrand Rapids, MI

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