Most glass door merchandisers (freezers / coolers), are designed to operate in the controlled environment of an air-conditioned and heated store. The environment of the unit should be maintained at or below 75* at all times with a relative humidity of 55% or less. Higher ambient (room) temperatures or humidity conditions will effect the performance of these merchandisers and will likely affect the capacity of the unit.

These units should not be placed in direct sun light or a direct source of radiant hear or air flow. Doing so will affect the case and will result in poor performance in particular, excessive sweating, fogged glass, and build up of condensation.

If a merchandiser is to be placed against a wall, there should be at least 4″ space between the wall and the back of the unit. This space will allow for the circulation of air behind the case, which will prevent condensation on the exterior surfaces.

NOTICE! Installation and service of the refrigeration and electrical components of the cabinet must be performed by a refrigeration mechanic and/or a licensed electrician.

In particular – open case merchandisers such as Grab-N-Go’s need to be strategically placed/positioned. I recently had a customer who placed the open air merchandiser I sold him directly under the heat duct in his facility. Furthermore, instead of using an “air-curtain” or something to cover the unit at night, he would turn the unit off completely restarting it each morning. Obviously the compressor could not handle the heavy load or pull temperature “afresh” each morning. Carefully consider placement of these units prior to purchasing!

WINTER USAGE: As mentioned above, all refrigeration merchandisers are to be used in a “controlled” environment. Unheated spaces are bad in cold weather environments as the refrigerant simply is not designed to move in colder temperatures. In some cases, winter controls can be installed to over come certain issues. Winter controls can be as simple as a crank case heater, a flooded head control valve, or a fan cycling control. These are not full proof fixes but simply aids that can assist in cold weather usage.

Thank you for your great service. We struggled with our freezer not working correctly until you came and figured out we had a couple of issues that needed corrected with the unit. The unit is working fine now. Thank you.
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